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Ethiopian Diaspora Agency “set to serve the community”

Diaspora Agency _ FBC
Photo – FBC

January 4,2019

Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, which is instituted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, is set to commence serving the community, and says that it will start service “soon.” But no specific time frame is given.

Director of the Agency, Woizero Selamawit Dawit (pictured left), and her deputy, Mohammed Endris (pictured in the middle) had a press conference today with local and foreign Journalists .

According to Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), the director told journalists that the agency has finalized structural and legal frameworks to help Ethiopians ( and persons of Ethiopian origin) in the diaspora participate in the affairs of their country (Ethiopia) and defend their rights as well.

The agency aims to introduce Diaspora registry and information management system so as to enable the community knowledge and technology transfer.

As well, apart from making members of Diaspora Community active participants in the affair of Ethiopia, the agency intends to enhance the contribution of the community in investment, trade and tourism sectors.

In July 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with members of Ethiopian communities in three cities in the United States. In October, he met with Ethiopian community members in Europe.

His government mobilized Ethiopians to contribute ” a dollar a day” for social and other development programs in the country. A Diaspora Trust Fund is formed.

So far, Ethiopians have contributed well over $US 1.5 million dollars since the organization started collecting funds in the past few months.

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