Heart rending situation of Ethiopia’s former musician Woinitu

December 30, 2018

Something is not right when it comes to the way Ethiopia treats its icons in the past including those in the music industry.

Woinitu used to be a member of the famous Gishe Abay kinet of Gojjam. If you used to watch ETV’s “Hebret Triet” in the 1980, chances are that you have seen Wointu singing her popular songs. She used to sing with popular singers like Yihune Belay and Semahegne Belew.

She is still alive. But forgotten and impoverished, and living in her birth place native place Amhara region/west Gojjam womberima woreda Koli or Dond kebele.

She lives in a shanty mud house and her appearance tells the story of Ethiopia’s failure as a society.

The video from Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) ( and they deserve credit for it) below features the heart rending conditions of her living.

It is like the government of Ethiopia and Ethiopians have to do something about her situation. Please do share it.

Editor’s note : The post is updated on December 31 to make corrections to the birth place of Woinitu.

Video: From Amhara Mass Media Agency Youtube Channel
Cover photo : Screenshot from the video

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One Response to "Heart rending situation of Ethiopia’s former musician Woinitu"

  1. Obo Densa   December 31, 2018 at 12:37 am

    Oh my God, the beloved Woinitu !!! She still beautiful as always. We need to help her to get on her feet.


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