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Two Federal police members killed in Wollega

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December 28,2018

Two members of Ethiopian Federal Police are killed in Horo Guduru, Wollega region, authorities from the region told BBC Amharic service today. They were killed in broad day light around mid day, according to the authorities.

Desalenge Terefe, Communication head of Horo Guduru Zone, is cited by BBC Amharic as saying that the two Federal police killed were guards posted at Fincha electric generating plant, and power reservoir at Gedo.

According to the communication officer, they were traveling to Fincha on a pickup truck when gunmen opened fire. He said that the identity of the killers is not known.

This week Oromo regional state authorities linked the killings and security problems in Wollega and other parts of the region to Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

More than 40 people including government officials were killed in region in recent months, based on Alemayehu Ejigu, Oromia region police chief. Banks are robbed and government structures are not functional in some areas, he added when he appeared for a press statement this week.

OLF did not disown the killings but it accused the regional state for not implementing ‘agreement singed in Asmara.’

Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) on its part claims that it did not enter into any special agreement with OLF. The party’s position is that OLF, like other armed groups, was invited to return to the country for a peaceful struggle.

There seem to be confusion as far as the alleged agreement between OLF and the government. And part of the confusion is that it is not clear if it is the Federal government or the regional government that signed agreement with OLF in Asmara.

Ethnic Oromo Opposition parties like Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) are calling up on the government to make public details of agreement with OLF.

In the mean time, religions leaders in the country are resorting to mediation effort to see if that works out. They already met OLF leaders in the capital yesterday.

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