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“I’m not arrested,” says Arena-Tigray PR Amdom Gebreselassie

Amdom Gebreselassie_ Tigray _ Ethiopia
Amdom Gebreselassie as he was speaking out against TPLF during a forum in Mekelle University.
Photo : Screesn shot DW Television
Source : SM

December 19,2018

Twelve hours after news of arrest broke to Ethiopians in social media through Ethiopian Satellite Television(ESAT), Amdom Gebreselassie disclosed today the information about his arrest is not correct.

    “My friends the news that Amdom is arrested is not correct. I am not arrested. Thank you for your concerns,”

he wrote on his facebook page.

borkena reported the news yesterday citing ESAT which claimed that it got the news from sources in Mekelle.

ESAT stood its ground when it said today that its sources confirmed again that Amdom was arrested near Aksum Hotel in Mekelle and that Arena Tigray party officials wanted the information not to be public in an effort to ease tension with police while discussing his release.

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  1. he will be arrested soon abiy is waging war against tigray . Derge slogan : to kill the fish is to drain the sea . abiy will die soon, mark !!

  2. So the guy who is not arrested says he is not arrested and Esat insists he is arrested. What a folllyyyyy. If indeed he was arrested and Arena wanted to keep the word quiet, maybe it is better that esat work with arena and not sabotage their delicate situation for their rumour gossip seeking needs to satiate the appetite of the diaspora whose main diet consists of self rise injera and Ethiopia news ad vomitum served in an esat platter. Eh?


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