INTERPOL to handover fugitive criminals living abroad to Ethiopia

INTERPOL says it is committed to help Ethiopia capture fugitives who are implicated in corruption and human rights violations.

INTERPOL _  Ethiopia
INTERPOL Chief Jürgen Stock holding a meeting with Ethiopian police commissioner
Source : SM

December 17,2018

The International Criminal Police Organization, INTERPOL, assures government that it will hand over Ethiopians who committed crime in the country and are now living abroad, no matter where they are living.

INTERPOL Chief Jürgen Stock expressed his organization’s commitment during a meeting with Ethiopian Federal Police Commissioner, Endashaw Tassew, on Friday, December 14,2018, in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia is signatory to and a member of INTERPOL which has about 194-member countries. The Organization has a national office in the country, located within Ethiopian Federal Police, with six staff members focusing on criminal investigations in the areas of murder, sex offence, serious assault, robbery, fraud, counterfeit currency, drug offences, firearm, environmental crime and terrorism – according to information available on its website.

Chief Jürgen Stock’s assurance to Ethiopia came days after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told Ethiopians “we will bring to justice those who committed heinous crimes without being restricted by intra-Ethiopia boundary and International borders.”

His administration’s crackdown on corrupt elements of the ruling coalition EPRDF who were made first to retire and those who perpetrated serious human rights violation is experiencing hindrance due to chronic ethnic politics, especially in Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Federal Police commissioner said on Friday last week that more than half of suspects of egregious human rights violations and embezzlement of public funds are not living in the country.

Last month, Ethiopia made numerous arrests, including Gen. Kinfe Dagnaw who was head of state conglomerate METEC, in connection with embezzlement of billions of dollars.

As well, former top National Intelligence and Security Services authorities are put behind bars in connection with egregious human rights violations.

Human rights abuse including arbitrary killings is still happening in different parts of Ethiopia but this time perpetrators are in most cases non-state actors motivated by radical ethno-nationalist political convictions, among other things. Hundreds and thousands of civilians are internally displaced due to seemingly manufactured ethnic violence.

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