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A”prophet”arrested for causing fear by”disseminating false information”

prophet- The Zambia Observer
Image : The Zambia Observer

December 17,2018

Police in Amhara regional state arrested an individual, who considered himself as a prophet, for causing fear by disseminating false information.

He is identified as Kenaw Abeje, according to reports by Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA)

It happened in central Gonder, north western Ethiopia, Tegede district Egegoye Kebele.

Mr. kenaw claimed that he ascended to heaven on Hidar 21 around 2:00 a.m local time (November 30th this year) and came back ( and it is unclear if he came back same day or some other day).

He said “Our creator revealed for me that people would be wipe off the town on Monday,” and there was no specificity from AMMA report as to which Monday he was talking about.

“When I enter heaven,” continued Kenaw Abeje, “I have a prayer book on my hand and I met God with a lady whom I think is Mary.”

Due to the “prophecy” he preached, residents in the region were disturbed and students avoided school.

The source cited Tegede District government communication office to report that the “prophet” is now in police custody and under investigation.

In July 2018, another “prophet”,who claimed to have the power to resurrect dead body, was arrested in Oromo region of Ethiopia after failing to do so.

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