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Ethiopia arrested two former top spy agency officials

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Photo : EBC

December 8,2018

Ethiopia arrested today two top former National Information and Security Services offices, the state media Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation reported today.

They are identified as Measho Kidane and Hadush Kassa. The source, which cited Federal Attorney General Office, did not mention the circumstances under which they were detained or where they were detained.

It did however mention that they were arrested in connection with egregious human rights violations.

On November 14,2018 Ethiopia arrested former deputy spy chief, Yared Zerihun, as he was allegedly fleeing to Kenya.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has been cracking down on former government officials involved in colossal embezzlement of public resources and human rights violations.

The measure however met with resistance from Tigray regional state, which is under Tigray People’s Liberation Front. TPLF leaders call the crackdown “targeted attack against ethnic-Tigreans and violation of the constitution” and they have been mobilizing Tigray region to protest against it. Today, for example, there was a huge protest in the Mekelle for a second time in less than a month.

Before TPLF lost the Federal power it used to ruthlessly rule Ethiopian, key positions in the security apparatus including in the spy agency were held by TPLF officials.

Relentless protests across the country before the resignation of Hailemariam Desalegne were partly informed by human rights.

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  1. Yes It Targetted On Criminals Who Occupied High Offices And They Misused Their Power To Loot And Terrorize Instead Of Serving People Deligently. Since The Government Was Ethnic Biased And All High Offices Were Occupied By Tigrians No Wonder If Those Who Now Face Justice Are Tigrians.

  2. Actually this is miracle, i am also looking this arresting the cause for wolittan people killed by Sidaman those arrogant leaders and business mans .

    God bless Ethiopia and Dr Abye.


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