China bound Ethiopian Airlines plane ordered to return after three hours flight

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December 5,2018

China bound Ethiopian Airlines plane was ordered to return to Addis Ababa as Ethiopian authorities pursue an alleged suspect who tried to take foreign currency out of the country illegally.

A report published by Fana Broadcasting Corporation, which cited Ministry of Revenue as a source, says Ethiopian Airlines employee used his privilege to bypass check points at the airport to help smuggle a women, unnamed in the report, foreign currencies out of Ethiopia.

However, he was spotted by other Ethiopian Airlines employees, added Fana’s report, as he was trying to pass the luggage to a women traveling to China which triggered interest on the part of the employees to search it.

As it turns out, £6,170, €33,150 and 1,264,975 Ethiopian Birr was stashed. It happened yesterday around midnight Ethiopian time.

Ethiopian Airlines employee who was involved in smuggle like practice was arrested right away but the women who was meant to receive the luggage boarded the plane to fly to her destination, China (the report did not cite the flight number).

As authorities realize the story, apparently after investigating arrested Ethiopian Airlines employee (he is not named as well for some reason), they ordered the China bound plane which was three hours into its destination to return back to Addis Ababa. The woman is reportedly in custody.

Communication Director of Ministry of Revenue, Addisu Yirgaw, called upon the public to expose similar crimes and help maintain the rule of law in the country.

Authorities in different parts of Ethiopia have been recently claiming seizure of illegal foreign currencies as people linked to corrupt officials strive to smuggle it out of the country.

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