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Demonstrations took place across many towns in Tigray

Photo : SM

November 26,2018

Demonstrations took place in nine towns across Tigray regional state, Northern Ethiopia, yesterday. Ethiopian State affiliated media reported that Adwa, Aksum,Adi Sheho, Alamata,Mehoni,Setite Humera,Abiyu Adi and Raya towns saw demonstrations demanding for “respect for the constitution.”

The demonstrators have also opposed identity questions in Wolkait and Raya claiming that “identity questions are not the agenda of people in Wolkait and Raya” for they consider it to be parts of Tigray.

On the other hand, many Ethiopian activists understood have criticized what they call is “crackdown on former corrupt officials.”

The demonstrations happened weeks after Ethiopian government arrested former METEC director, Kinfe Dagnaw, and his brother Isayas Daganaw, in connection with alleged corruption.

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