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Ethiopia : Finally exposed (By Kebour Ghenna)

By Kebour Ghenna
November 20,2018

Another month! Full of conspiracies… a documentary on METEC that would shame The Godfather…Arrogant generals spending our money like there is no tomorrow… a Canadian appointed as an official spokesperson of the PM… a TPLF leader lecturing the public on the importance of upholding individual rights and justice…but citizens were in no mood to listen.

The whole month was perhaps too much for us to take on.

The old-timers say they’ve never heard, or seen, anything like that. Generals don’t like leaving anything to their enemies. That’s, if they think there is much chance of a crash, they will destroy everything on their paths and leave the place barren so they can enjoy life without fear.

To start with, this is what happens when we elevate our leaders to the position of Demigods. Greed and vanity takes over. They (our leaders) forget about what real life is… They focus on the wrong things, the wrong places, and the wrong people and you don’t even notice… and then when they turn out to be crooks, we’ re shocked.

The photo of the week showed the Commander in Chief of the Giant Fraud called METEC, dressed casually getting off a yellowish helicopter… with his hands cuffed… lost, disoriented … drained and weary… what more could he have done… now that his unfettered authority to waste billions blocked … he did what he has to do …too bad if people didn’t understand.

That photo essentially summarizes the whole life of the General.
His cronies – insiders, contractors, employees, friends and relatives – who have all enjoyed a big payday for decades, now claim the General’s rights and those of his associates were abused (when arrested). There is no Democracy they scream. From Tigray the President warned not to target his people and region… but to focus on TPLF scoundrels?? (not exactly his wording).

Citizens had always suspected TPLF of corruption. Just look around the country. Which groups were the most favored? Yes, you’re right: The insiders got the money and the power… the rest got to sing. For a long time ‘the rest’ tolerated the many appalling things TPLF did, they controlled their anger and resentment, but this time things seem to have gone over the top.

And this is just the beginning…

We understand we are in the midst of a campaign to stop pilferers from ripping off the many for the benefit of the few, wherever they’re from – Amhara, Oromia, Tigray etc. And yes this is a campaign to shame and chastise all the crooks of METEC and other institutions’ who embezzled money.

Is this going to be just a show to prop up AA’s popularity, even more? I don’t know. But it’s real. It’s sound and measured.

Will we succeed in cleaning up this mess? I doubt it… We most likely fail again …But hey, this is no time to fall in despair.

Dear Readers,
Losers spend so much time worrying about identity and nationality, they miss so much of what is really going on around them in their own country, the things that really matter. They miss a lot… simply because they’re stuck defending the end of a ‘rotten’ regime not the beginning of a new one.

Yes, Dear Readers, it is a wicked world. Some people are always ready to tell soothing and incoherent lies and preventing people from seeing the truth. Why bring identity politics at this moment, it will not benefit any party. Why go for the eyes… with sharp objects, absurd theories, and outrageous lies, telling people they are targeting only ‘our thieves’, that the whole thing is a scam to victimize “only us” etc. A thief is a thief no matter his color…No?!
Editor’s Note : This article appeared first on Kebour Ghenna’s facebook page.

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  1. you don’t violate the law to respect the law it self. i think everyone understands that. so why do the government need to violate the law? ….calling them criminals before the judges did, in public. if writers like you defended OLF when it was chased out of the the country perhaps we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now. so, because the majority called them criminals it doesn’t mean they are. you new nothing about METEK or kinfe just one month from now, now you only know what the government told you and you bought it because the leaders are from tigray. you have to give respect to the Ethiopians who are in the northern part of the country because they mean to much for you than the outsiders like Eritrea.

  2. If you are going to go after everybthief, you will probably have to incarcerate the whole country. Being a thief is a la mode. From your brother who wastes your hard earned money sent to him by remittances to meat sold in the markets of Addis Ababa masquerading as beef (while being supplied by a factory of rodent farming), to everyone else who wants the easy way out. We are in times of fast immediate relief, instant satisfaction, a time of less reflection, more knee jerk reactions. Who is not guilty in Ethiopia. Or as the gospels so clearly says “the one who is guiltless, let him cast the first stone”. Anyone?


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