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PM Abiy Ahmed vows to deepen campaign to hunt criminals

Abiy Ahmed reiterates criminals do not care about their ethnicity and called on Ethiopians to help the effort to hunt criminals and hold them accountable.

Abiy Ahmed
PM Abiy Ahmed

November 15,2018

In a statement the office of the Prime Minister issued today entitled “let’s fight Cancer,” which likened criminals and corrupt officials to cancer, Abiy Ahmed vowed to continue deepen the hunt for criminals and bringing them to justice.

The action is in line with demand from the public and pledge that government made to the public, and also in line with government’s responsibility to ensure rule of law in the country, the statement noted.

Targets of the campaign are former government officials who were engaged in egregious human rights violations, embezzlement of billions of dollars of public resources, and those who attempted to sabotage the ongoing reform process in the country by orchestrating violence in different parts of Ethiopia. Entities who allegedly organized the June 23 grenade attack in the capital with the aim to assassinate Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed are also targets.

As well, the statement underscored the importance ensuring justice as one of the fundamental duties and responsibilities of government. And the key to justice is, continued the statement, to create a system for innocent citizens live in freedom and dignity while criminals are held accountable and punished in accordance with the law so as to deter those who are thinking in terms of committing crime.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” the statement noted referring to arrests of criminals this past week. Saying that the objective of the campaign is to free the country, in all corners, from criminals, the statement called on Ethiopians to continue helping the effort to hold criminals accountable.

“Criminals care only for themselves. They do not care about ethnicity,country or morality” added the statement from the prime minister’s office.

Ethiopia made multiples of arrests this week and among them was the arrest of General Kinfe Dagnaw who was director of diant government conglomerate within the defense ministry, METEC. He was captured in Humera on Tuesday while attempting to flee to Sudan. He appeared in court yesterday and facing charges of embezzlement of public funds worth billions of dollars.

Yesterday, Ethiopian police caught Yared Zerihun, who was former deputy head of National Information and Security Services, Federal Police Commissioner, in Dukem town, outside of the capital Addis Ababa, while allegedly trying to flee to Kenya. He appeared in court today facing charges of human rights violations.

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  1. we will see him engaged in systematic corruption and other sorts of crimes soon . when you point your index at sb you are also pointing at yourself at the same time ,I said so regrettably.
    In simple terms, Dr abiy is the stooge and replica of the arabe world who don’t want to see the great dam well and completely erected . Viva Tigray


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