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Oromo Democratic Party and Oromo Liberation Front reached another agreement

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November 14,2018

In August 2018, Lemma Megersa, deputy chairman of what is now Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), and president of Oromia regional state, and Workeneh Gebeyehu, Foreign Affairs Minister and Executive Member of ODP, traveled to Asmara, Eritrea, to hold talks with Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). They were apparently representing the Federal government and Oromia regional government, by implication the party that governs the region, ODP.

As reported by borkena at the time, the two, both ethno-nationalist and sort of contending parties, agreed on two basic principles. OLF agreed to cessation of hostility with the government Ethiopia and to pursue its political objective through peaceful means from within Ethioia which means that it will no longer engage armed activities which was the case, at least theoretically, when it was operating from within Eritrea.

Not long after OLF leaders including the chairman, Dawud Ibsa, returned to Ethiopia sometime in mid September of this year, the party seem to have changed its minds as it asserted power challenging government authorities, refusing to disarm its combatants in Wollega in Western Ethiopia and Guji in Southern Ethiopia.

OLF’s armed activity caused security and humanitarian crisis in the parts of Wollega adjacent to Benishangul regional state, leaving hundreds dead and tens of thousands of people displaced. The radical ethno-nationalists rejected the idea to disarm on alleged grounds that there was on agreement, what so ever, regarding disarming fighters during the Asmara talk in August 2018.

Finally, the Federal government and Oromo Regional State made it clear that government has a responsibility to protect the security of citizens and will have to disarm OLF if OLF is not willing to do so.
However, OLF continued to defy government power and there has been reported fighting since the last week of October between government forces and OLF militia – a development regional authorities denied. They described the development only as an activity to disarm OLF combatants and that everything was under control.

Today, Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported that ODP and OLF leaders reached agreement to resolve their difference through peaceful means which suggests that there was indeed a fighting between the two parties.

Lemma Megersa and Dawud Ibsa held a joint presser regarding the agreement today according to a report by ENA. Dawud Ibsa expressed Oromo Liberation Front’s readiness to work in consultation with ODF and contribute to the development of the country. Dawud Ibsa reportedly went on to the extent of calling up on his party members and supporters including the clandestine youth organization Qeerroo to contribute to the implementation of the new agreement.

The agreement with OLF came barely two weeks after Lemma Megersa sent a stern warning against “groups operating the name of Oromo Liberation Front.”

Apart from the alleged agreement to resolve differences peacefully, it is not clear if OLF will be operating in the country just like all other opposition forces in the country or if it is continuing dictating government on alleged grounds of “popular support in Oromo region.”

In view of crime situation that members of OLF party have been involved and government’s pledge to maintain the rule of law, the seemingly preferential treatment towards OLF is likely to raise questions.

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  1. Your biased reporting is clear blaming the violence in west Ethiopia on OLF where as the violence is a public secrete that the cause is the armed badits of Benidhangul gumuz that displaced more than 70,000 Amharas and Oromos. You are dumbass who totally report fabricated news of OLF getting prefered treatment from government.

    Tell me why did not mention this killing snd displacement of mass in Wollega in your report. Let alone this mas eviction, had one individual is killed is from your ethnic group, you would be barking like a mad dog, crying ethnic cleansing. I know you guys always play your old song of Ethiopiaeinet but hide you true color behind this Ethiopiawinet but always shows your hatred towards oromos. You can go to hell with your crap reporting, you dog, you even never mentioned about the people killed in Nekemte in the name of disarming OLF but only talks about OLF being prefered.

    I hate spending my time replying to your shit but only to protect some innocents not being misled by you. Dogs like you always bark and try to blackmail and shut us up. Not that we are to giant to be distracted by your barking, dambasd.

  2. OLF created with false imaginary made up story and now when Abey and oromo leading the country it’s still continuing the false fight with no cause. These are mostly educated fools and uneducated mob who are led by greedy leaders who look into threor own interest and don’t care how many die due to such stupid cause. Even the Oromo leaders can’t satisfy this bastards let alone other leaders. finally they will kill each other if the young not wake up early.

  3. I am neither a memeber nor supporter of OLF but I am a proud oromo Ethiopian and proud to be Ethiopia. Being Oromo cannot never take away my being Ethiopian as some of you want us to believe. One thing is certain and is undisputable, the OLF imaginary story you barked holds far more water than the legendary false stories and hatred towards oromos you bark. OLF is created based on true grievances of people. The barking never changes the facts and your shouts never makes your narrow illitrate understanding of a histry a true fact. Divide is too old to work now, oromos are million miles ahead of you and can solve their own problems by themsleves. The killings of oromos one another is your evil wish for us and will backfire on you. You can go and commit suicide and.your soul can join x woyyanes in hell. For that matter and with all due respect you can go to hell before oromos even think about killing one another let alone killing one another. Moreover you better mind your problem instead of getting your bloody mouth in to the bisiness of others after all. The oromo youths who fought on street and tortured in prisons and killed in thousands did not fight to bring Abiy and other Oromo leaders to power (During this time of fighting most of you were either encouraging the woyanne to kill the youths or hiding like coward). The youth fought for democracy, equal right, self rule and rule of law which has not fully materalised in most part of the country.

    Let me ask one quastion, why the fuck have you not included in your report about the people being killed by the milatary in the name of disarming OLF. Why the fuck did you defelect the killings in wolllega by Benishangula armed badits to OLF. Where the fuck is the defenve army when millions were displaced by Somali liyu police and again thousands by Gumuz badits. If you were a genuin reporter, you would have atleast said one or two things. You know and I know the answer. Your objective is to dissiminate false propoganda against the oromos instead of reporting true stories.


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