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Eritrean president visiting Ethiopia for the third time in three months

Isayas Afeworki _ Ethiopia
President Isayas Afeworki
Source : FBC

November 7,2018

Eritrean president Isayas Afewoki is visiting Ethiopia for the third time in less than four months. This time he is visiting Gonder and Bahir Dar cities in North Western Ethiopia.

He is expected to arrive on Friday. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Amhara regional state officials including Gedu Andargachew will be welcoming him, according to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporation.

Ethiopian government seems to believe that the visit will foster the relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

In September of this year, Speaker Amhara regional state Council, Worqsemu Mamo led a delegation to Asmara and held talks with Eritrean president.

The president’s visit is happening at time when tension is escalating between Amhara regional state and TPLF led Tigray region.

Trade relations between the two countries is flourishing and the Ethiopian government is reportedly working on regulatory laws to govern it.

While some activists are indifferent to Isaya’s visit to Amhara regional state, others seem to think that his visit would aggravate the conflict between Tigray region leaders and Amhara region leaders.

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