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Road to Tigray closed as youth in Kobo region resist arrest of residents from Alamata

Kobo _ Ethiopia
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November 2,2018

The road to Tigray is closed for several days now according to a report by Voice of America Amharic service.

The report which is published yesterday said that the road linking Tigray and Amhara regional states (And this is the major road to and from Tigray) of Ethiopia is closed in Kobo region.

Vehicles have been unable to move freely for about four days now due to the closure.

Youth from Kobo region are linked to it and it is meant to be a show of resistance to the arrests of people from Alamata, seemingly in connection with Raya Identity Question which Tigray regional state is trying to suppress in by force.

North Wollo police department is trying to resolve the impasse peacefully, added the report by VOA Amharic.

Residents of Alamata told radio station that the road closure has become a problem for their economic activity.

Meanwhile, Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) said today that youth from Gonder and Dessie made financial (and other) donations for youth in temporary shelter in Raya Kobo. They were reportedly displaced from Alamata, Raya, region due Tigray region security forces crackdown on movement for Raya Identity Region, what Tigray regional state say is “unconstitutional.”

Authorities in Amhara regional state, on the other hand, remarked soon after the killings of at least five residents in Alamata about two weeks ago that identity questions in two regions adjoining Tigray (Raya and Wolkait) need to be addressed constitutionally. Resorting to forceful measure, they went on, will not resolve the problem – a remark that Tigray regional state considers as intervention in the “internal affairs of Tigray.”

Mobilization like moves in the two regions are causing concern that a war could broke out between the two regions.

The Federal governmet does not seem to be acting proactively to avert conflict in the region.

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