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President Sahle-Work attended South Sudan peace celebration

Sahle-Work Zewde
Sahle-Word Zewde up on arrival in Juba
Courtesy : MFAE

October 31,2018

In her first trip abroad as Ethiopia’s head of state, President Sahle-Work traveled to South Sudan and has attended to peace celebration in Juba.

The event is organized after peace agreement is reached between South Sudanese government under President Salva Kiir and opposition leader Riek Machar, who reportedly arrived in Juba this morning after two years in exile.

The peace deal ended five years of conflict which resulted in the death hundreds of thousands of people in addition to displacement an estimated millions of people.

“As your president, I want to apologise on behalf of all the parties for what we have caused you, our people … I deeply regret the physical and psychological wounds you have had … Today marks the end of the war in the Republic of South Sudan,” President Salva Kirr said, as quoted by The Guardian.

President Sahle-Work has a message too. Ethiopian News Agency cited Radio Miraya to quote President Sahle-Work who said, “For the transition to be a success there has to be trust among all parties.” She went on to call upon parties to the agreement to honour and implement the agreement they signed.

The new peace agreement made power sharing arrangement between the government and the opposition.

Leaders of Uganda, Sudan and Kenya are expected to arrive in South Sudan for the event.

The end of conflict in South Sudan is anticipated to contribute to security and peace in the region which is already transformed since Ethiopia and Eritrea ended twenty years of state of war some time in July of this year.

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  1. That is really beautiful. However, before we consider any alternative federal structure for the country, we should be able to reach a consensus that ethnic-based politics is harmful to the country. All the citizens of this country should realize that there is no single country in the world which has ethnic-based federal structure at present. In history, it was Yugoslavia, which paid very dearly as a result of ethnic-based politics. The issue must be discussed at every forum. It should be discussed by the elderly, by religious leaders, by political elites, by any organized forum in the country. May God bless you for initiating this discussion!!


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