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For Heaven sakes we’re in 2018 (By Kebour Ghenna)

By Kebour Ghenna
October 18,2018

Another first for the PM this week: parity in his new cabinet of ministers. AA’s government just became a little more women-friendly, he demonstrated it wasn’t that hard to make his government more representative of the population as a whole.

Great move.

Many of the incoming female ministers have also been given key roles, including ministries of revenue, defense, transport, trade and industries, and more. Surely the equal male/female split could lead to a shift in the kinds of conversations around the cabinet meeting, and we may even see a “subtle” shift in policy outcomes, or more focus on issues that historically haven’t gotten the same attention.

True AA may not have chosen the best person available for each slot; time will tell. Typically, only a few cabinet ministers shine and the others toil in obscurity, perhaps effectively or very effectively, but we don’t notice. Putting political partisanship aside, how many cabinet members of Hailemariam or Meles era were notably effective?

One interesting take home for Ethiopia could be the idea of vetting top senior public officials (ministers, judges, ambassadors etc.) the Kenyan way. The idea of vetting appointees nominated by the PM widens democracy by allowing the public to participate in the appointment of those who will serve them. It also mitigates corruption and abuse of office.

The Kenyan Act provides for three issues to be considered during vetting: the procedure used to arrive at the nominee, constitutional or statutory requirements relating to the office in question, and suitability of the nominee for the appointment.
Although the Kenyan parliamentary sessions are generally not properly structured or limited to the three matters, by and large the committees scrutinize the public record of applicants, their moral standing as well as their ideological perspectives.

The future is here….Go Regional States!
Editor’s Note : This article appeared first on Kebour Ghenna ‘s facebook page.

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