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National Movement of Amhara Condemns detention of youth from Addis Ababa

National Movement of Amhara Condemned what it called unlawful detention of youth from Addis Ababa and called for their immediate release.
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October 15,2018

National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) condemned mass detention of Youth from Addis Ababa.

As part of the discussion on national and current affair, the second congress of the national council of the party discussed the circumstances under which hundreds of youth from Addis Ababa were detained without due process of law, according to a statement that the party issued yesterday.

The statement noted that Youth from Addis Ababa are illegally detained in prisons and military camps and vehemently condemned it.

“We believe that the action is against Ethiopian, and International laws and conventions which Ethiopia is signatory to,” says the statement by the national council of NAMA.

The statement added, “We ask Addis Ababa Police to release immediately citizens” it is detaining. It also called on the Federal government to condemn the action and take measures to set them free.

The youth were arrested about four weeks ago as they took to the street to peacefully condemn attacks on ethnic Gomo Ethiopians in Burayu, outside of the capital Addis Ababa, which left at least 60 civilians dead, hundreds wounded and thousands displaced.

Ethiopian activists in social media are launching a three days of social media campaign to demand the release of detained youth.

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