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PM Abiy Ahmed doing push ups with special forces who demand better pay

October 10,2018

Video credit : Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)

As Ethiopian Special forces,a division of the Ethiopian Defense Force, who were deployed to the Burayu, a town in the western outskirts of Addis Ababa, to control ethnic-based attack against Gamo completed their mission, they wanted to meet the prime minister to discuss matters pertaining to benefits and pay before they proceeded to their designated military camps.

And they were armed, according to a report by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, and they marched to the state house. They are said to be about 240 in number.

From the report, meeting with the special forces didn’t seem to be in the calendar of the Abiy Ahmed. “I had a meeting and I did not know what was happening,” said Abiy Ahmed.

The situation has in fact caused speculation as it was reported in social media differently ; in a making it seem like a mutiny -which is far from what really happened based on a report by government media outlets.

Members of the special fores wanted to share what they believe is grievances regarding pay and benefits.

The Prime Minister paraphrased their demands as follows; “We would like arrangements which could enable us lead our lives in a durable manner.”

The special forces also reportedly pointed out what they say are administrative gaps (including corruption) within defense force.

The Prime Minister is cited by EBC as saying that government will address the questions durably based on studies.

Because the prime minister had to cancel his scheduled work, it seems like he wanted to make them pay for it by ordering them to do push ups with him. That way he seem to have managed to make his encounter with the special forces fun and memorable.

But the prime minister might need to remember their demands and the way they reportedly showed up at at the state house too.

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