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Ethnic Tigray rebels kiss guerrila life in Eritrea goodbye as over 2000 return

Tigray Peoples Democratic Movement (TPDM) rebel groups end their armed struggle and returned home today. At least four killed as the lorry that carried them run into an accident.

TPDM  Ethiopia
TPDM fighters returning to Ethiopia
Photo : EBC

October 9,2018

Eritrea has been serving as a base for various rebel groups with the objective to challenge the government of Ethiopia and all of them used to claim that they resorted to armed struggle for the then TPLF led government was intolerant, as per opposition groups claims, to allow operating in the country peacefully.

Three armed opposition groups have returned to Ethiopia in the recent past following the call by prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s government.

Today, one more armed rebel group returned to Ethiopia. Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM), an ethnic Tigray rebel group which was said to much larger than the rest of armed groups that returned to Ethiopia has returned home today. In fact, there are rebel groups (like Ogaden National Liberation Front and Afar rebels – ARDUF) have not yet returned to the country although the leaders of these organizations have responded positively to the call by Ethiopian government to end armed struggle and return to Ethiopia for a peaceful struggle.

A report by Fana Broadcasting (FBC) puts the number of TPDM rebels that returned to the country to 2,309. Apparently, there are still TPDM soldiers in Eritrea and are expected to arrive soon.

Residents of the town of Zalambessa reportedly offered a warm welcome as the rebels enter the town, as per a report by FBC.

With regard to the next step for TPDM rebel fighters, Tigray regional state has a plan to reintegrate them the society after orientations. Another condition for their return is that they will disarm themselves before going for training to reintegrate with the society in Tigray.

A report by BBC Amharic service says that four TPMF fighters were killed today after the lorry that carried the rebels run into an accident in Segeneti, within Eritrea.

More than 20 fighters were wounded and hospitalized in Dekemehari hospital in Eritrea.

It is to be recalled that in July 2016 a contingent of TPDM force under Molla Asgedom defected to return to Ethiopia after a reported fall out among the leadership.

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