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Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) Congress elected Demeke Mekonen as Chairman

Amhara Democratic party - ANDM 12th Congress
ADP 12th congress in Bahir Dar
Photo : AMMA

October 2,2018

The 12th Congress of Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) elected executive committee members. This is the highest body of the party and will execute party agenda. It consists of 13 members.

Nine of them will join the 36-member executive committee of the ruling coalition, Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and three will remain only the party’s executive committee members.

Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) reported that Demeke Mekonen and Gedu Andargachew are re-elected as chairman and vice-chairman of the party respectively. Gedu Andargachew is currently serving as president of Amhara Regional State while the chairman, Demeke Mekonen, is deputy-Prime Minister of the Federal government.

When the party identified central committee members to be terminated “with honour,” Demeke Mekonen’s name was included in the list. However, the 12th Congress voted against, and it was expected, it in view of Demeke’s contribution to the party.

Based on report by AMMA, the full list of elected executive committee members is as follows:

1. Demeke Mekonnen
2. Gedu Andargachew
3. Ambachew Mekonnen (Dr.)
4. Benalf Andualem
5. Tefera Derbew
6. Yinager Dessie (Dr.)
7. Melaku Alebel
8. Dagmawit Moges
9. Migbaru Kebede
10. La’ke Ayalew
11.Yohannes Boyalew
12. Nigussu Tilahun
13.Tsega Arage

The party congress also elected 65 members for the central committee members. Included in this election, among others, are Melaku Fanta and Bri. General Asamnew Tsige who were thrown to prison (even torture in the case of Bri, General Asamenew Tsige) which they say was politically motivated.

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