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Demeke Will Remain in His Party Positions

Demeke Mekonen_ ADP
Demeke Mekonen
Photo : FBC

Solomon Yimer, staff writer
October 01, 2018

After the 12th congress strongly opposed the proposal of his termination, Demeke Mekonne agreed to stay as a central committee member of Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), formerly known as ANDM.

At the Federal level of government, Demeke Mekonnen is serving as Deputy Prime Minister. He has also been leading his party,ADP (Amhara Democratic Party), as chairman. Within the ruling coalition (EPRDF), he has a role as Deputy Chair and is said to have an excellent team work with the chairman, Abiy Ahmed.

Yesterday, leaders in the congress proposed the termination of long-serving central committee members including Demeke Mekonnen, one of the prominent figures in the current nation’s politics.

According to a report from Fana Broadcasting Corporate, today the general assembly has approved the termination of 12 other former central committee members while it strongly argued for the exclusion of Demeke from the proposed list for termination.

A reports by Amhara National Mass Media Agency (AMMA) says ADP has identified three categories of termination including those who will “retire with honors” from their central committee membership.

Accordingly, Kebede Chanie, Mekonnen Yelewmwossen, Firehiwot Ayalew, Getachew Ambaye, Alemnew Mekonnen, Legesse Tulu, Getachew Jember, Ibrahim Muhammed, Desalegn Ambaw, Banchiyirga Meles, Kassa Teklebirhan, and Zenebu Tadesse are terminated from central committee membership.

ADP continued its 12th party congress today. Tomorrow, the party will elect its chairman and deputy chairman as well as executive members for the party.

In a similar development, South Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM) terminated 23 central committee members who have served the party for 15 to 17 years, according to Fana Broadcasting Corporation.

According to the report, Hailemariam Desalegn, the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Shiferawu Shigute, who recently resigned from his party leadership and ministerial position, Siraj Fegessa who also resigned from his deputy chairmanship of SEPDM and Ambassador Teshome Toga are some of the long-serving SEPDM central committee members whose termination is announced today.

TPLF, another member in the ruling coalition, completed its congress in Mekelle and has elected Debretsion Gebremichael and Fetelework Getahun as chairman and vice-chairman of the party respectively.

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