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EPRP wants to work with the government for better Ethiopia

Part of the leadership of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) have returned home after 40 years in exile and they want to work with government for a better Ethiopia.

EPRP _Ethiopia
EPRP leaders during a reception at Bole International Airport
Photo : Fana

September 23,2018

Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Party (EPRP) is one of the earliest opposition parties in the history of Ethiopia.

Rooted in the students’ movement in the 60’s and 70’s, the party has a leftist political tradition.

It has played a leading role in the 1974 Ethiopian Revolution which ended monarchical rule in Ethiopia and the party has also clamored for “land for the tiller.” During the time it was a popular party among the youth.

Soon after a group from the Ethiopian army, Dergue, usurped power following the revolution, EPRP came in a collision course with what was then provisional military government which was later to came under colonel Mengistu Hailemariam.

EPRP embarked on urban guerrilla strategy to resist the military government calling for “people’s government” and was later pushed out of town and retreated to the northern parts of Ethiopia for rural based guerrilla struggle. Before long, EPRP found itself in conflict with an ethnic Tigray guerrilla group which was later named as Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in the north.

When all did not work EPRP leaders had to leave the country, mostly via Sudan, and many of them found themselves in Europe and North America. The party has been waging its struggle, maybe it is appropriate to describe it as an activism, from overseas since then, and was splinted into two recently.

It is one faction of EPRP leaders that is returned to Ethiopia yesterday after nearly 40 years in exile. The return is meant to be a response to prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s call for the opposition parties to return to Ethiopia and struggle peacefully.

Belayneh Nigatu, Mulugeta Seyoum, Mohammed Jemil and Solomon Gebreselassie(spokesperson) are among the leaders who came home yesterday and they were received by Hirut Zemene, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, up on arrival at Bole International Airport.

The spokesperson is cited as saying that the party is pleased with the ongoing changes in the country and will work with the government for a better Ethiopia.

Yet, he also reminded government about the need to deal with activities intended to reverse the ongoing change in the country.

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