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“I want to be identified as an Ethiopian, not as an Oromo” says Mekonnen

September 18,2018

The massacre of innocent Ethiopians in Burayu has caused not just grief but also concern among millions of Ethiopians.

Mekonnen Habteghiorgis Birru was apparently born and raised in Addis Ababa from an Oromo family but he rather prefer to identify himself as Ethiopian.

He seem to be angered by opposition leaders like Bekele Gerba (secretary of Oromo Federalist Congress) for instigating ethnic based sensationalism.

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  1. You can be both, Oromo and Ethiopian. You don’t have to only select one or the other. We should acknowledge Peoples, Nations and Nationalities whilst also acknowledging the overall Ethiopian identity. I am Oromo and Ethiopian.

  2. Hello Afaru! you’re right. We should be proud of being Ethiopians who are ethinics of Amharas, Oromos, Tigres, Gurages and etc. as much as they are proud of being Americans who are whites, Blacks, Asians and Hispanics in one nation under God !

  3. its very dangerous publishing individual opinions as news without a proof. If borkena wants to be legitimate they should stop being sessional. Do you have a proof any of the opposition party such as Bekele Gerba encouraged this by any degree?
    Like in any country, you don’t have to choose between your ethnic and country. We are who we are without our choice. We are born to the tribe and country we are born in. we can love both and be proud of both.

  4. Yeah, my bother as millions born in Shoa, Addis Abeba I am an Ethiopian, from an Oromo family, it is sad day to hear the so called people leader incite violence, specially in today’s Ethiopia where two elite Ethiopians from Oromo family holding the highest leadership position.
    What’s this person want, the Oromo have to rise and kill everybody who are none Oromo, this is brain damage!!

  5. I am on the same boat . I am Ethiopian :: If some one asked me my ethnicity I will tell them , I am from Oromo ethnic group. Here in the USA , I am a black person nothing more nothing less . No one in the right mind identifies herself/himself using ethnicity but a country of origin.

  6. Dear Mekonnen: I do not know where you were residing when the Burayu-Addis conflict happened. Probably you habe been nervous by reading/hearing fabricated news which ESAT and other anti-Oromo media outlets disseminate. But I was right at the place where the conflict happened. Here is the fact:
    1. From September 12/2018 – September 14/2018 some gangsters from AA city tried to stop OLF supporters from planting OLF flag in Addis Ababa, claiming that Addis doesn’t belong to them (OLF ites). They (Addis gangesters) were holding Ginbot 7 flag and they were chanting “Yihe new bandiraw , yihe new bandiraw,….” , meaning “the right flag is this one”. This must be denounced in the first place, for OLF supporters have not done any wrong doing. They did the same thing Ginbot 7 supporters did when they welcomed Ginbot 7 leaders earlier.
    2. On Saturday September 15/2018 some youths (probably from AA) massacred a number of children in Burayu city in a cruel way. This made some Burayu youths nervous and instigated the second round of conflict.
    There are victims from both sides. But media outlets such as ETV and ESAT were partisan (one sided) and some individuals who have oromo phobia are deliberately distorting the true side of the story probably to tarnish the name of oromo politicians and activists for political gains. It is a timely and correct decision by oromo political parties to resist this unfair and biased reporting.


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