Addis Ababa Youth clashed with OLF supporters in the capital

Addis Ababa Youth
September 12,2018

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) supporters who are expecting their leader to arrive from Asmara on Saturday reportedly clashed with youth from Addis Ababa in Medhanialem area.

Government media did not report about it. However, Social media reports says that the clash broke out as OLF supporters in the name of Querro, youth movement in the region, started painting streets in Medhanie alem area with flag colors of OLF.

Furthermore, OLF supporters reportedly removed Ethiopian flag to replace it with OLF one which aggravated the clash.

Police did not step in to control the situation when OLF supporters and Addis Ababa Youth from Medhanialem area though rocks at each other.

While Ethiopians seem to have respected the rights of OLF supporters to hoist the radical secessionist organizations flag, they are outraged by the move that OLF supporters dared to remove Ethiopian flag from the streets, based on social media reports.

Analysts seem to think that this is just the tip of the iceberg. And the Ethiopian government does not seem to be acting to against anarchy like moves of OLF supporters.

The party declared that it has ended armed struggle and is in the country for a “peaceful struggle.”

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