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Abiy Ahmed speaks about his trip to China and Eritrea

September 6,2018

Ethiopian prime minister spoke about his trip to China and Eritrea. In China, where he went to attend China-Africa Cooperation Forum, he negotiated and secured delayed pay back time for borrowing used to finance Ethio-Djibouti new railway line. Initially, initially it was to be payed back in ten years. According to the new agreement, the pay back time is extended to thirty years. Also grace period for the loan also is delayed.

In Eritrea, Abiy Ahmed raised the Ethiopian flag in the premises of new Ethiopian Embassy along with president Isayas Afeworki. He also visited Massawa and Assab ports. In Massawa, he saw Ethiopian ship, Mekelle, loading Eritrean Zinc for delivery in China. Road transport from Assab to Ethiopia is expected to be open soon, based on his statement. The Zalambessa road is also to be repaired soon to enable road transport between the two countries.

As well, he signed tripartite summit and signed agreement (Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia) Growing the economy of the region is becoming a priority for leaders in the region .

Video credit : Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation

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