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Tamagne Beyene celebrated at Millennium Hall

September 3,2018

Tamagne Beyene returned to Ethiopia two days ago after 22 years in exile. The day he arrived he was celebrated at the National Theatre where he worked for years before he left the country. Yesterday, he was celebrated at the Millennium Hall in the presence of politicians including Gedu Angargachew and other dignitaries.

He conveyed a message for the unity of Ethiopia and called on Jawar Mohammed, an Oromo radical ethno-nationalist with well over a million followers on facebook, to work together for the unity of Ethiopia only to get scoffed by Jawar.

The Milennium Hall was full to capacity and was mostly full of young people from all walks of life.

Tamagne left Ethiopia as a comedian and actor but returned back to Ethiopia as a human rights activists as he was organizing hundreds of campaigns to condemn Human Rights Violations. In exile, he also founded Global Alliance for the rights of Ethiopians to support victims of rights abuse and other needy Ethiopians.

Video credit : Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation
Cover Photo: Screenshot from EBC video reception event for Tamagne.

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