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Traffic Controllers change gears for a strike starting Monday

Traffic Controller _ Ethiopia
Photo : Ethiopian Reporter

August 24,2018

Traffic Controllers of Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority are set to stage a strike starting August 28.

A report by Ethiopian Reporter quoted the civil aviation to report that the workers are striking over a dispute with the management in connection with benefits, pay raise and professional advancement.

Workers are quoted as saying “just demands we have been raising for the last eight years on matters related to recognition of professional accreditation, salary and benefit did not get a timely and adequate response”

The report added that the workers have submitted their demands to the prime minister’s office on June 18, as well.

It is unclear if the workers will go on strike until the government addresses their demands.

Bole International Airport has become one of the busiest terminals in the region and the workers strike will certainly affect the operation of the airport and Ethiopian Airlines as well.

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  1. Tigray Front is in overdrive to create anarchy in the country for being sidelined and for the rapid improvement Dr. Abiy’s leadership has brought. First, in Hawassa, then in Benshangul, then in Ogaden, then in Addis. Now Traffic Controllers’ strike. And 24/7 agitation, threats, and lies over cyber media by Tigray front cadres. Then collaborating with wanted criminals. The plan? To make it appear to Western donors Ethiopia without Tigray Front is doomed. We all know two things as facts. Tigray front and Meles are resented and detested by the rest of the country except in Tigray. Second, Tigray front got only two votes in its own parliament. Very humiliating. Dr. Abiy got 108 of 180 votes. The citizen rally at Masqal Square in support of Dr. Abiy was the nail in the coffin of Tigray front. Ethiopians should continue to stand behind Dr. Abiy’s efforts. Remember it is only four months since Dr. Abiy came to power and already we are seeinh progress that Meles and Tigray front could not achieve in 27 years!


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