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Zewdie Gudeta a prominent Oromo activist passes away suddenly

August 23,2018

Zewdie GudetaZewdie Gudeta (pictured left)a prominent Oromo activist and an important voice for democratic Ethiopia suddenly passed away yesterday, according to a report by ESAT.

He was one of the leaders of Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) and was an active participant during the formation of Ethiopian National Movement.

He was also among featured speakers in Vision Ethiopia’s conference and has contributed articles (both in Amharic and English) to

He was an enlightened man who aspired and worked for a democratic Ethiopia unlike radical ethno-nationalist activists.

Editor of borkena would like to express heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the late Zewdie Gudeta

To watch his speech during Vision Ethiopia event, please check this link

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  1. What a shocking news! I am not involved in the political arena… Just heard the bad news today from old friend of mine. Rest in peace brother. You are indeed a man of integrity. May God comfort your wife and children. #ShambuMatriculation #AAU #SidistKillo #SilverSpring #MedhaneAlem


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