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ANDM to rebrand itself while rethinking revolutionary democracy ideology

ANDM seemingly wants a complete break from it past; intends to change name and its emblem

Migbaru Kebede
Migbaru Kebede, ANDM central committee member and rural political organizing head
Source : AMMA

August 23,2018

The central committee of Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) is discussing a range of issues along the lines of rebranding itself and reforming its political ideology, according to a report by the regional state media -Amhara Mass Media Agency.

Migbaru Kebede who is a member of ANDM’s central committee and the party’s rural political organizing head says the party will discuss in depth to draft political agenda that will be presented at the upcoming 12th congress of the party.

Evaluation of the changes undertaken in the last three years after the 11th congress is part of the agenda to be drafted.

Also, the party disclosed that it intends to rebrand its name and change party emblem. If it happens, this is going to be for the second time in the history of the party. Before adopting its current name after the overthrow of colonel Mengistu’s regime, ANDM was known as Ethiopian People Democratic Movement (EPDM).

When the late Meles Zenawi engineered the current ruling party in a way to be a coalition of four ethnic based parties, EPDM was compelled to rebrand itself as ANDM. And some say even the name was imposed on it.

The reason it is rebranding itself this time around is seemingly because of public opinion as it is believed that the name and party emblem do not represent Amhara people. The question is that has always been the case in the last 27 years; why now?

Perhaps the party is exploiting the revolutionary fervor among its members to change itself or it is intending to do it now perhaps to signal that it is no longer under the control of the TPLF, or it is a sign that the party could now face competition from newly formed parties that claim to have wider acceptance among ethnic-Amhara.

ANDM is also rethinking as to whether to reform “revolutionary democracy” ideology or not.

Regulations and rules that are believed to be outdated (they are not named) are also to be amended, according to AMMA report.

ANDM is not the only member of the ruling coalition to embark on rethinking ideology and rebranding itself. Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) has disclosed its intention to do same some two or so weeks ago.

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