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How do Somali religious leaders feel about the incident in Jijiga? Watch.

August 16,2018

Ethnic-based violence allegedly orchestrated by regional authorities brought about havoc in cities Jijiga, Kebri Dehar, kelafo and other towns in the region. Too many families were devastated by the attack.

Apart from looting businesses, more than 10 Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Churches and Protestant churches were burned. At least 29 were killed and more than 100 wounded in the attack.

Somali religious leaders in Jijiga spoke to journalists regarding the incident over the weekend and how they felt about it.

“There has been worse conflict in the region during the Ethio-Somali war and there is no history of burned churches…what happened was an organized move from Jijiga to Kelafo, in a matter of hours, to create an inter-religious violence between Muslims and Christians in the region, and we all condemn it,” said a Somali speaking Muslim religious leader in Jijiga.

Speaking in Somali to journalist, another Somali Muslim from Jijiga said, “As a Somali, we are ashamed of what happened in the region.”

Some tend to think that perpetrators of the attack acted in a manner that they have support from elsewhere.

Video credit : EBC

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