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Ethiopian Muslim theology scholars returned to Ethiopia after decades in exile

August 5,2018

Ethiopian Islamic Scholars
Sheik Seid
Source : EBC
Three Ethiopian Muslim theology scholars, Ulama as they are called in the Islamic Religious Tradition, returned to Ethiopia after over two decades in exile. The got warm reception upon arrival at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. President of Addis Ababa Islamic Affairs council, Sheik Mohammed Sherif, was also present during the welcome ceremony at the airport.

Sheik Seid Ahmed Mustefa, one of the returnees, lived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He reportedly returned in response to Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s reform measures and effort to unify the country, he is cited as saying by pro-government media.

He was the founder and chairman of Ethiopian Muslims Youth Organization. As well, he served as member of Ethiopian Holy Koran Association. In the diaspora, he served as guardian of Ethiopian Muslim Unity.

Sheik Jabir Abdela, Ethiopian Muslim Unity deputy guardian lived in the diaspora for 40 years, according to FBC report, before returning the country today.

Sheik Sherif Muhdin who lived in Saudi Arabia where he worked as a senior researcher on Islamic studies has also returned.

Political and religious leaders who have been exiled for more than two decades are trickling in to Ethiopia after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed call to return to Ethiopia and help build the country.

This week, the fourth patriarch of Ethiopia, Abune Merkorios, returned home, after 27 years, from the United States on board of Ethiopian Airlines flight that carried Abiy Ahmed and his entourage.

Although Ethiopia seem to be relatively stable after the resignation of prime minister Hailemariam Desalegne in mid February, Ethiopia is experiencing ethnic and religious based violence in different parts of Ethiopia. For example, yesterday, the city of Jijiga, a capital of Somali regional government experienced ethnic and religious based violence so much so that the Federal government had to deploy Federal law enforcement unit and the defense force. Mohammed Abdi, president of the region, is reportedly arrested although government did not officially confirm it.

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