“I was in prison for two months before I appear at the parliament”Tamrat Layne

August 2,2018

In the days following his release from prison, Tamrat Layne stated in many occasions that he was arrested due to political difference with leaders of TPLF including, it is implied, the late Meles Zenawi. But he used to avoid the details the tribulations and the secrets of his arrest.

At the time (In 1996), the Ethiopian government under the late Meles Zenawi announced that he was arrested in connection with corruption and misuse of power. Among other things, he was accused of deposition $16 million at Swiss Bank in the name of his daughter, Blen Tamrat.

Now, he revealed the circumstances under which he was criminalized, sent to Maekelawi prison and was later sentenced to 18 years in prison.

He says he was already arrested for two months before appeared the parliament for a false confession in 1996.

After the confession, he was thrown to Maekelawi where he was kept, he claims, in solitary confinement and in dark room for many several months. He also says was tortured in three occasions.

Take a listen to his interview with Nahoo TV.

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