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Two members of former Ethiopian army have message to Abiy Ahmed

July 31,2018

Two former members of former Ethiopian army have message a to Abiy Ahmed. Take a listen.

Video credit : EthioTube
Cover photo : Screenshot from Video

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  1. የአንድ ክፍለ ሀገር ሽፍታ ለመመከት የሞራል ብቃት የሌለው ጦር እንዴት ነው አሁን ልጠራ የሚል። በሀገርችን የነበረውን የጦር ሀይል ባህል ያጠፋው ፣የኢሠፓና፣የደሕንነት አባል በመ ሆን ፣ሌላውን የማግለል ባህል የጀመረው ያ ጦር ነው። በእርግጥ አብዛኛው ተራው ወታደር ንጹህ ነበር ፣ ለዚህ ነው አልዋጋም ብሎ የተሸነፈው። ከየሰፈሩ እየተገደደ የዘመተ ነበርና።

  2. The shiftas per say did’t defeat the Derg Army. It was the internal policy of the Derg itself that hastened its own down fall. Have you any understanding of the various internal and external factors that the ex Ethiopian army had been fighting against? The contribution of the shiftas to the downfall of the dereg was less than ” the straw that broke the camel’s back”. It is mere ignorance of the then existing situation to brand a shifta that entered Menilik’s place with the aid of Sudanese and Shabia tank drivers as one who defeated the ex Ethiopian army. There is an English maxim that says, “the battle of Waterloo had been won at the class room of Eaton.” By the same token the war with the Shiftas came to the finish by the time Mengistu paved the way to the shiftas by executing all the superb Generals Ethiopia had at the time. Please study further the various factors before attributing undeserved importance to the role the Shiftas played to defeat the ex army.


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