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PM minister Abiy Ahmed met with AG 7 rebels leaders in Washington DC

Berhanu Nega _ Mayor controversy
Berhanu Nega (Dr.)
Photo source : ESAT

July 28,2018

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reportedly met with five senior leaders of Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 closed doors at Water Gates Hotel in Washington DC. Andargachew Tsige, who was released from prison recently after four years in prison following his abduction from Yemen, traveled to the United States from the United Kingdom for the meeting.

Before the closed door meeting, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with Dr. Berhanu Nega separately for an hour.

Sources close to the rebel group say that discussion focused on the next steps of AG7 movement in the struggle for democracy and rule of law in Ethiopia. In recognition of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s reform initiatives and improvements in the realm of human rights, the rebel group recently declared that it has ended is armed struggle.

An agreement has been reached between the prime minister, and his delegates on the one hand and leaders of AG7 on the other. What came out of what was said to be a five hours meeting is that AG7 have agreed to return to Ethiopia and start peacefully struggling for a better Ethiopia, politically or otherwise.

Consequently, clandestine grassroots members of the AG7 in Ethiopia are to be organized in a way to take part in a peaceful struggle in the country.

The issue of rebel combatants of the organization based in Eritrea is also discussed but no clear image is emerging as to what exactly is the arrangement to return them to Ethiopia.

AG 7 is expected to issue a statement regarding the outcome of the negotiation. The organization is believed to have hundreds of thousands of members in the Diaspora including in Africa.

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