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Update on Bale Goba: at least 10 killed and over 100 wounded due to violence in the town

Oromo regional state tend to see plots related the violence in Bale Goba. For the authorities in the region, the violence is a work of forces who aspire to bring about disability and chaos in the region and the country as well.

Ethiopian News - Negeri Lencho
Dr Negeri Lencho, Oromo regional state communications head
Photo credit : Ethiopian Reporter

July 23, 2018

As reported yesterday, there has been a violence in Bale Goba, in Southern Ethiopia, which involved the death of civilians. However, no detail was available as Oromo regional state were not available for a remark yesterday, according to EBC report.

Today, Communication Head of Oromo regional state, Dr. Negeri Lencho, disclosed that 10 civilians are killed and more than 100 sustained minor and serious injuries as a result of the violence which is reportedly under control now. However, there are still concerns among residents that the violence could resurge.

Senior officials from Oromo regional state headed to the town and are having a discussion with residents of the town, added Dr. Negeri Lencho, as cited by Fana Broadcasting Corporation.

What caused the violence?

The pretext for the violence is related to Red Fox statue in the town. Apparently, there has been a request by what FBC report, which cited Negeri Lencho, described as individuals in the town for the removal of Red Fox bearing statue and erect a new one.

However, the Oromo regional state seems to believe that the issue can not ignite the violence that the town experienced in the past few days.

Dr. Negeri Lencho thinks that there could be a plot to destabilize the region and that there are elements, he was not explicit enough if they are within the government, working to escalate violence so as to give them a regional character.

Currently, the defense force and the regional police are deployed in the town and that they are working on stabilizing the Bale Goba.

The communication head added that law enforcement authorities are identifying parties that instigated the violence.

When the news emerged yesterday, reports in social media claimed that the violence was ethnic-based one targeting ethnic Amhara.

Based on the explanation from Negeri Lencho, however, the violence was not ethnic-based. He asserts that spreading misinformation is part of the strategy to bring about instability in the region and the country.

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