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Reports of fresh violence in Bale Goba, southern Ethiopia

Bale Goba _ Google Map
Bale Goba, Google Map

July 22,2018

Based on confirmed report by the state media, EBC, Bale Goba, part of Oromo regional state in Southern Ethiopia, is living violence since yesterday.

A resident of the town told EBC on the phone that there has been an exchange of fire in the town. What is known at his point is that civilians are killed but do detail is available yet regarding how many people are killed and how they are killed.

The Federal Police and Defense force are deployed to the town to work on restoring calm.

Concerned Oromo regional state officials were not available for remark regarding the development, according to EBC report this afternoon.

However, unconfirmed reports in social media say that the violence is of ethnic-based nature targeting ethnic Amhara. Unverified video footage purportedly showing the situation in Bale is also circulating on Facebook.

Bale is known to be one of the few places in the region where radical ethno-nationalist Oromo Liberation Front, which is fighting for secession from Ethiopia, exercise influence. Yet, analysts warn that there is a possibility that counter-reform forces from within the government could be behind the violence too.

Last month, Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), a party that is governing the Oromo region of Ethiopia, dismissed and arrested more than 2000 officials at zone and district level for action or inaction in relation to attack against ethnic-Amharas.

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