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Stern accountability regime in the rise in Ethiopia

The public service might no more be a place for red tapes and corruption as accountability regime seeks revolutionizing service delivery.

Accountability_ Ethiopia
PM Abiy Ahmed and Speaker of the House Muferiat Kemal witnessing the signing of the agreement
Source : EBC

July 20,2018

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed could not emphasize enough about accountability and a system where a corrupt way of doing things is despised and hated, as he has expressed it on numerous occasions.

And he seems to be walking the talks. He initiated an “agreement” between all the ministries – and parliamentary standing committees- the House of people’s representative in what seems to be an effort to promote accountability and transparency which is signed today, indicates a report by state media – Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation.

Before the “agreement” between the executives and lawmaking arms of the government, the prime minister had a “discussion” – which rather tend to be an orientation class in how to do things – with all ministers on the same theme.

As per what state media referred to as “agreement”, government ministries and standing committees are to carry out their respective program and service deliveries on the basis of an annual work plan and the House of People’s Representative is to evaluate the performance to ensure accountability.

The prime minister also wants government ministries to carry out their function in utmost transparency.

The intention of what rather looks like public service reform seems to have multiples of goals to achieve. Promoting work ethic, fighting corruption, efficient service delivery and completion of projects within the planned timeframe and under budget.

If the accountability regime that the prime minister turns out to be a success, the public service that used to be a mess in terms of corruption and efficiency could transform to one that would rather be a remarkable example in the entire continent of Africa.

In fact, Oromo region of Ethiopia – a region governed by OPDO whose chairman is Prime minister Abiy Ahmed – is reportedly reconfiguring public service delivery from local to regional level

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  1. Please start with the Customs Dept. and their absurd import fees, aka “Gumruk” fees.

    No honest small business or investor can function in Ethiopia with that nonsense going on.


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