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It is high time that people should start making real demands (Aschalew Aberra)

By Aschalew Aberra
July 17,2018

My take on the appointment of a non – resident mayor to Addis Ababa for multiple times including today, just because they are Oromos.

The so called change in Ethiopia seems to have two sides – the narrative and the reality.

The narrative is about advocating ethiopianism while the real action on the ground is the continuation of the status quo (ethnicism) by a different actor.

The OPLF (OPDO + OLF) seems to have orchestrated a silent quo over the TPLF and they are tacitly controlling their grip of power.

The majority of the people seem to have fallen for them due to either their unreserved hate for the TPLF or because of the narrative of ethiopianism.

It is high time that the opposition and the people start demandiing for real change to happen on the ground.

For a starter independent democratic institutions that ensure free and fair elections should be put in place.

The major demand should be for constitutional amendment.

To mention some of the articles in the constitution such as the one that allows secession of regions, the preamble that defines Ethiopians as a conglomerate of ethnic groups as opposed to individuals born with inalienable rights, and the article that allows the Oromos to have special privileges in the capital city should immediately be discarded.

Addis Ababa, like any other metropolitan city in the world, belongs to all of its residents including foreigners – irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds or their national origins.

Nobody should be allowed to have special previlages just because of their ethnicities.

Currently, the mayor of London is a naturalized Pakistani.

This nonsensical notion that the mayor of Addis Ababa should be appointed from an oromo even if he or she is a non-resident needs to stop.

This is so twelfth century mentality. The last I checked the Ethiopian calendar belongs to the twenty first century too.

This arrangement is not only unfair for other ethnic groups it is also sort of insulting to the Oromos. It is as if saying that the oromos won’t be qualified to be a mayor without the support of affirmative action.

As long as some one has the ability to lead and as long as he or she is the resident of the city for few years, the ethnic background or even the national origin shouldn’t be a factor.

Let alone people with Ethiopian backgrounds of any ethnicity, even naturalized foreigners who are qualified should be considered for the mayoral position.

The euphoria is over now. It is high time that people should start making real demands.

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  1. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR misguided INFO?
    1.”the mayor of London is a naturalized Pakistani”? ARE YOU REAL ? ITS 2018 . please google before you post you nonsense. the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was born on 8 October 1970 at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, South London to a working-class Sunni Muslim family.
    2. Ethiopia has never own its calendar, its known as Alexandrian calendar, is a liturgical calendar used by the Coptic Orthodox Church and also used by farming populace in Egypt. This calendar is based on the ancient Egyptian calendar.
    this should be breakfast for your brain.

  2. where are you been before ,mengisttu,meles (woyne) regime ? in all regime addis ababa was managed by oromo ethic. have u rise such kind of question before if not ,why you rise such stupid question now. what u peel dirty in your mind , pull it out from your mind. and preach about unity


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