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Eritrea embassy in Addis Ababa reopened ceremoniously

Eritrean Embassy is reopened today in Addis Ababa as president Isayas Afeworki was wrapping up his three days visit. He left for his country a few hours after opening of the embassy.

Eritrea embassy _ Ethiopia

July 16,2018
As the Eritrean president and his entourage which included his foreign minister, Osman Saleh, and his top advisor, Yemane Gebremeskel, celebrated the opening of Eritrean embassy in Addis Ababa.

The embassy premise which stands in proximity to Addis Ababa Stadium was closed for twenty years following the war between the two countries.

Eritrean National Anthem was playing as Isayas Afeworki, Eritrean president, and Ethiopian prime minister, who fought as a soldier during Ethio-Eritrean war, raised the Eritrean flag together in the premises of the embassy.

Re-opening of the embassy is believed to even foster the relationship between the two countries. Ethiopia is expected to open an embassy in Asmara and name an ambassador as well.

Memorandum of understandings for close co-operation between the two countries in the areas of political, economic, security and cultural relation is signed. However, details of the agreement are not known to the public yet.

Some analysts are positive about peace deal and relation between the countries is restored to normalcy. Yet, there is visible criticism, and concern, among some politicized Ethiopians and analysts, that the relationship needs to be based on principle and guided with policy in order to avoid another possible conflict which could lead to war if it happens.

In a remarkable show of respect and love to the Eritrean people, as many Ethiopians seem to think, president Isayas Afeworki was given an unprecedented warm welcome upon arrival and in the course of his three days stay.

There are Ethiopians who admire Eritrean president on grounds of his leadership for his own cause but many Ethiopians do not seem to trust him when it comes to Ethiopia.

In a concert organized at the Millennium Hall in the capital Addis Ababa to herald peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia, which draw an estimated 25,000 crowd, Isayas seemed to have a message for skeptics when he said: “we are one and will not allow anyone to obstruct or disrupt our love.”

Cover photo and Video credit: EBC

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  1. We may be into the biggest hoax of the century with Isaias suddenly a hero of peace and reconciliation. Can you believe a man who caused mayhem, displacements and ruled a hermit kingdom is absolved of all crimes in the name of “peace, love, and reconciliation.” Esat and Eritrean PR machines are in an overdrive twisting or revising facts. What is in it for the disenfranchised millions of Ethiopians? Who is there to defend interests of Ethiopians who at present are being seduced to their God-knows-what by dankira and a never ending adulation of a “brotherly people” speeches (Teddy Afro and Hacaalu in tow)! The ONLY safeguard for Dr. Abiy is to seek advice of competent and experienced Ethiopian patriots! May I suggest names that I have come to recognize on social media? Ato Abera Yemaneab, Ato Bekele Geleta, Dr. Kassahun Birhanu, Dr. Endrias Eshete, Dr. Aregawi Berhe, Dr. Tsehai Berhane Selassie, Dr. Aklog Birara, and so on. Think of it this way; major government institutions are still stacked with Tigray Front members, the parliament is a collection of weak and servile individuals recruited by Tigray Front. The US is promoting the new adventure as “peace, security and development” to enhance its own regional ambitions (vis-a-vis China and Arabs). Remember it was the US who in 1991 London Conference unilaterally decided to pave the way for Meles/Tplf takeover in Ethiopia and Isaias in Eritrea. Isaias was hailed as “George Washington” and Meles as “world class mind” (which both were not!). Look at what we got over the past 27 years. Let us hope it would be different this time; that is, if we organize and demand and not expect our wishes to be handed to us on a silver platter!!

    ps: observe the map of Eritrea above is bigger relative to Ethiopia’s!! An excellent metaphor that captures the lies we are being fed!!


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