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Abiye for Nobel Peace Prize (Mikias Sisay)

By Mikias Sisay
July 11, 2018

Dr. Abiye, Ethiopian Prime Minister, is the real symbol of love, unity, and peace. In just under 100 days in office, he has achieved a lot: healed the wound, give hope, and bring about enthusiasm.

Having worked in the department of peacekeeping operations, the Ethio-Eritrea mission, in particular, I am so happy to see people (leadership) dropping their ego and working for peace. The UN mission that I once worked for has tried to mediate between Ethiopia and Eritrea to no avail as a result of the difficult positions that the leadership on both sides of the border had. Now, a young man, probably half their age, came to power and won everything with love. In his 100 days in office, he preached love, unity, and peace. He even showed the courage to bend for peace and love. Others are bending following him. Setting the tone and agenda… he did strike a good deal between the warring parties in South Sudan, made a good deal with neighboring countries, ended ‘the no war no peace’ between Ethiopia and Eritrea, brought Eritrea to the international table, released political prisoners, took opposition parties off terrorist list, allowed oppositions come home, healed separation among religious leaders (both Muslim and Christian)…

In my humble opinion, he deserves a Nobel Prize. It would inspire others to follow his footstep… All would need to notice that a good deed will never be overlooked. Such recognition has two messages: 1. we can solve our own problem 2. let others know that such a positive act go a very long way. But most of all the biggest message would be LOVE WINS!!!!

Bottom line, nothing would make me happy than seeing him succeed in his love, unity, and peace, and unity endeavor. Not for him, but for me, the future generation, the beautiful Ethiopia, the beautiful Africa, and the globe at large. I hope he gets to inspire others beyond borders.

May God help him. May we get inspired by this positivity and work for lasting peace.

Editor’s note: Mikias Sisay first shared this article on his social media page.

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