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“No border between Eritrea and Ethiopia hereafter,” PM during his speech at the state dinner in Asmara

July 8, 2018

Ethiopians and Eritreans indeed witnessed a day when leaders from the two countries hug one another and talk about how best to transform the relationship between the two countries in a way that benefits all.

The warm reception that Prime minister Abiy Ahmed received in Asmara, and it is understood- rightly – as a reception for Ethiopian people, seem to suggest that the last twenty years marked by a state of no-war-no-peace were informed by illusions of the border.

PM Abiy Ahmed made a point today at state dinner when he demolished the imaginary border and told his host, Eritreans, that there is no border hereafter. Apparently, he meant the free movement of people and services but it also speaks to the artificiality of the border. Listen to his speech in Tigrigna and Amharic; watch starting from 15:00 minutes.

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  1. “No border between Ethiopia and Eritrea hereafter.” That’s a wonderful statement. I appreciate prime minister Dr. Abiy’s quick and energetic reforms. Go ahead boss God and your people are with you.
    M. Gurhan


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