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Former TPLF leaders in Addis Ababa as the party is accusing PM Abiy’s government

Aregawi Berhe and Gidey Zeratsion, former TPLF leaders, are in Addis Ababa as Tigray regional government council seem to claims violations of constitution and calls for “transparent” conclusion of the peace talk with Eritrea.

TPLF leaders_ Aregawi Berhe
Aregawi Berhe and his colleagues.
Source : EBC

Leaders of Tigray Democratic Alliance party Aregawi Berhe, Giday Zeratsion, and Mekonen Zelelew arrived in Addis Ababa today and they were received by senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to information shared by the ruling party on its social media page which cited Fana broadcasting.

Aregawi Berhe was one of the founders of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and was even its chairman at one point before the fallout with other leaders of the party during the course of the Guerrilla war against the then government of Ethiopia allegedly on grounds of ideological difference.

Gidey Zeratsion was also among TPLF leader during the guerrilla war and he lived in Germany for a long time after he parted with the ethnic Tigay party in which he was an active participant.

They both said that they returned to Ethiopia in response to the call made to opposition parties and individuals living abroad. These politicians are cited as saying that they support the reform measure by prime minister Abiy Ahmed.

Much is not clear about their next move in relation to Ethiopian politics.

In an interview with regional media in Tigray, leader of the TPLF party Debretsion Gebremichael said that he will meet former TPLF combatant and leaders of the party ( and that is a reference to Aregawi Berhe and his Tigray Democratic Alliance party) halfway if they are willing to work with his party, the very party they abandoned more than three decades ago and opposed it vehemently ever since.

Meanwhile, Tigray regional council which was undertaking a meeting for days now passed an eight points resolution claiming that the Abiy Ahmed administration is not respecting the constitution of the country.

One of the reasons for political opposition to TPLF administration in the last 27 years was that TPLF propagation about ethnic identities could bring about ethnic-based violence and lead to anarchy in the country. Now, TPLF complaining about ethnic-based violence in different parts of Ethiopia in a way insinuating prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration in connection with the recent violence.

It also accused the new administration of lack of transparency in connection with relation to Eritrea. According to a statement released on the ruling coalition (EPRDF) social media account, Tigray regional council seem to claim that the peace effort with Eritrea is not transparent and the public is not consulted about it. Consequently, the party asserts that the peace talks, which is essentially hinged on the implementation of the boundary commission’s decision, need to be concluded in a way that in a transparent manner and in a way the ensures lasting peace.

Asmara is preparing to receive prime minister Abiy Ahmed who will be meeting with president Isayas Afewori.

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  1. Look who is talki g about transparency funney for the last 27 years you guys killed hide steal murder build sale our land give property including condominium to your ppl with out telling any body are you really talking about transparency fuck off dome ass

  2. Dear Borkena,
    Very interesting that the three former Tplf gents “were received by senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

    Were Olf leaders Leencho, Dima, etc received by MFA?

  3. When are we going to drop Tribalism. We are one people. One Aim. One destiny. Stop the tribal violence that lead to death. How can you kill your own brother because he from another tribe. God don’t Sleep. Judgement is his. Ethiopians profess to be Religious yet you want to kill one another. Totally On Godly.The Bible says He who loveth not knoweth not God. For God is love. Let us reason with love. # love in the house


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