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PM Abiy Ahmed appointed a new director to prison administration

PM Abiy Ahmed now reforming the Federal prison administration. The former director could appear before the law to be held accountable for practices that violated the constitution.

Prison Administration Director
Gebreyesus Gebreegziabheir, former prison administration director

July 4, 2018

PM Abiy Ahmed announced the appointment of a director and four deputy directors to the prison administration. The change was needed, according to state media, to address what the new administration calls “gaps” and limitations in practices in the task of carrying out constitutional duties.

The new Attorney General spelled out the “gaps” corruption, violations of human rights, lack of accountability, the nonexistence of professional prison administration practice.

PM Abiy entrusted the following individuals to bring about change in the Federal government prison administration :

1. Jemal Abbaso – director of the Federal prison administration.
2. Yaregal Ademe – deputy director overseeing finance and human resource development
3. Commander Desta Asmelash – deputy director overseeing corrections and rehabilitation
4. Commander Mulat Alemu – deputy director overseeing safety and security
5. Commander Wondimu Chama deputy Director oversing basic necessity

The appointments are effective as of July 2, 2018

The Federal Attorney General, Berhanu Tsegaye, also announced that former leaders who have violated the law, seemingly a reference to egregious human rights violations, will be subjected to investigation and will see the full wrath of the law to ensure accountability.

The constitutional mission of the prison administration, says the attorney general, is to provide convicts with safety, security, and correctional services to ensure behavioral change.

Inmates have been accusing prison administration of committing inhuman torture which was given coverage by the state media after prime minister Abiy Ahmed took numerous reform measures.

This week, it was rumored that the former prison administration director, Gebreyesus Gebreegziabheir, who is known to be an ardent TPLF man, was captured at Bole International Airport as he was trying to leave the country. However, the state media did not report about it and it is not confirmed from other sources.

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