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Dual citizenship to be discussed when Abiy Ahmed visits the US next month

Dual citizenship one of the top agenda item that some Ethiopians seek to discuss when prime minister Abiy Ahmed visits the US sometime next month.

Abiy Ahmed _ Dual Citizenship
Prime minister Abiy Ahmed
Source : Fana

July 2,2018

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is now dubbed as “prime minister Bolt.” Apparently, it is his supporters in the United States who likened him to the greatest runner Usain Bolt in view of the speed with which he is undertaking reform measures.

He is traveling to the United States for an official visit sometime next month and Ethiopians in the United States are discussing plans for a reception, according to VOA Amharic report.

There was a meeting at Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia, which was attended by Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans in the Washington DC area. Participants of the meeting support the reform measures by the prime minister and they are encouraging all Ethiopians to stand behind the new prime minister whose popularity is soaring in the country and abroad as well.

The prime minister is expected to hold discussions with Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans when he visits the United States.

“Generation Bridge Diaspora” which is said to be run by non-partisan volunteers with no political affiliation, whatsoever, seems to have started the preparation already.

It does have its own goals achieve and two agenda item seem to stand out as crucially important for the organizers when PM holds a town hall meeting. Ethiopia does not recognize dual citizenship and that is what they want to discuss with the PM. Those who argue in favor of dual citizenship point to the fact that Ethiopians who lost their Ethiopians citizenship are barred from meaningfully participating in the political, among others, the life of Ethiopia. The other agenda item is that they want PM Abiy Ahmed’s administration to break from the tradition of reliance on political cadres to carry out government functions. They rather would like to see an Ethiopia where knowledge is valued over political loyalty.

From VOA Amharic report, the organizers of planned reception are working with the Ethiopian embassy which is unusual in light of vehement opposition sentiment that Ethiopians used to have towards the embassy.

Ethiopians in North America and elsewhere had controversy in the cyber world regarding an alleged request from the Ethiopian embassy for the new prime minister to make a speech at the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America which kicked off yesterday. Board members of the federation declined in what they say is attempt to adhere to the regulations of the organization which does not allow for a politician to make a speech.

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