Ethiopia arrested Addis Ababa deputy police commissioner and eight other Federal police authorities

Girma Kassa _ Police Commissioner

June 23, 2018

Ethiopia arrested Addis Ababa police Deputy commissioner, Girma kassa, and eight other Federal police authorities in connection with the grenade attack during massive rally held at Mesquel Square, according to breaking news coverage by state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting corporation, EBC.

The sources cited Ahmed Shede, Government Communication Minister, as saying that investigation is going on the police authorities who are in custody and the result will be announced to the public.

They are implicated in creating security gap that enabled forces who are said to create disruptive crisis carry out grenade attack. It is confirmed that the attack left one person dead and well over eighty people wounded, of which ten are in a life threatening condition.

The attack happened right after Abiy Ahmed completed his speech and there is speculation that the target was the prime minister himself.

Addis Ababa police deputy police commissioner was in the news briefing about the incident and indicated that police is investigating the attack will disclose the result.

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed accused, without specifying, forces who are working against the unity of Ethiopia for the grenade attack.

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