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Authorities in Wolaita zone resigned following PM request

June 21,2018

In what seem to be a move to ensure accountability of government officials, prime minister Abiy Ahmed suggested in a video message on Wednesday that authorities involved, either through action or inaction, in the violence that claimed the lives of at least 15 Ethiopians in Hawassa and Wolaita resign from their role.

Today, five authorities in the region tendered their resignation letter in a response to the request by the prime minister and they explicitly stated it.

Head of Wolaita Zone administration, Head of Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM) in Wolaita zone, Rural political affairs head in the zone, Head of political affairs for urban areas and deputy head of the zone administration have announced their resignation in a letter they released today.

They pointed out they will carry on with their responsibility until replacement is assigned and transition is completed.

As well, they stated in their letter, which is published on Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), they resigned with the intention to be part of the solution for the problem that affected the region in the last three weeks, ethnic based violence that affected innocent civilian lives.

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed held discussion with residents of Hawassa,Wolaita and Wolkite on Tuesday and Wedesday. He expressed optimism after the discussion that the violence will not happen again which does not seem to be the case.

A video which is highly circulated in social media today purportedly show a young boy, reportedly from ethnic Wolaita, being attacked brutally by a group of youngsters, reportedly from ethnic Sidama.

Based on sources from the area, it rather seem to be the case that normalcy is not restored in Hawassa.

Cover photo : SEPDM party Logo

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