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PM Abiy Ahmed administration sees plot to obstruct national unity and reconciliation

Abiy Ahmed led Federal government calls upon Ethiopians to stand in guard of effort for reconciliation and national unity.

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June 14, 2018

The Ethiopian government issued a statement regarding flaring violence across the country. Violence in different parts of the country with the pretext of boundary and other issues in no way represents the interest of Ethiopians, says the statement from the government.

The Federal government, which is under the leadership of Abiy Ahmed, made it clear that the violence in different parts of Ethiopia are orchestrated by forces whose goal is to obstruct what it calls relative peace and national unity that Ethiopia is witnessing. It was specific enough to point out that those behind conflict and instability are interested in promoting self-interest at the expense of the country.

Highlighting notable diplomatic success in recent times and efforts underway to make Ethiopia strong enough to defend its interests in the region while creating regional cooperation, the statement which is shared on Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) social media page calls on all Ethiopians to stand in guard of peace and struggle bitterly against those who are seeking to lead Ethiopia to a ceaseless violence for the sake of their own personal interest.

Ethiopia experienced multiples of ethnic-based violence in different parts of the country even after Abiy Ahmed was elected as prime minister of Ethioia. In Wolkite, members of ethnic Gurage were attacked by Kebena groups and it is now confirmed that at least one person is killed since the violence started two days ago and multiples of businesses were attacked and looted. In Hawassa, which is the capital of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR), Sidama youth groups clashed with Wolayta during Chembalala celebration yesterday. In the same region adjacent to Oromo region of Ethiopia, a conflict between Gedeo and Guji Oromo left at least 75 people dead since last week. In the Oromo region of Ethiopia itself, ethnic Amharas were targeted and displaced from some places.

Alike Abiy Ahmed led administration, analysts and politicized Ethiopians seem to see an orchestrated plan to create or spread violence between different language groups in Ethiopia. But unlike the Federal government, analysts tend to point a finger to Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in connection with the violence.

TPLF on its part released a statement yesterday claiming that certain groups are organizing themselves against the party and the people of Tigray and is mobilizing the people of Tigray to stand with the party and be ready for a “struggle.” The party also condemned some of the decisions from the latest EPRDF Executive Committee meeting which sources say were adopted with unanimous agreement and TPLF was a part to it.

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