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Democracy : The Arrival of the fittest or the survival of the inexpedient ?(Dr. Negeri Lencho)

Negeri Lencho_Democracy _ Ethiopia
Dr. Negeri Lencho

By Dr. Negeri Lenco
June 13,2018

Since very recently we frequently read some pessimistic articles, demagoguery statements and criticism by some politicians and bloggers, notably the ‘hired guns,’ lamenting the fate of revolutionary democracy and tending to challenge, even dictate, the new leadership though it is not clear whether the critics are really worried about the form or the content of democracy or may be neither of the two.

However, whoever has a genuine concern for serving the interest of the Ethiopian people regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, political or religious affiliation would honor the right of the people to decide on their destiny instead of behaving as an ultimate source of truth about everything on the face of the earth.

In a country where millions are suffering from poverty, hundreds from brutal killings and hundreds of thousands from displacement, destruction and looting of property by the corrupt, rent-seekers, and contrabandists, many languishing in prison and others risking their lives while fleeing the country into exile, it is not clear on what moral ground one dares to challenge a responsible and determined leadership that strives to curb these problems and lift the country out of the quagmire of the past couple of years.

For right-thinking citizens, our visionary leader H.E. Prime Minister Dr. Abiyi Ahimed has a clear message in his remark on 12th June 2018, while concluding the 8th OPDO organizational conference. He underlined that the true guarantor and hope of the Ethiopian people is genuine democracy, not this or that political party. In a genuine democracy, he envisions a powerful, prosperous and united federal democratic Ethiopia and certainly, his vision will be a reality though we are all entrusted with the responsibility to contain the curse of hidden oligarchy.

In a free society, democracy is the arrival of the fittest, not the survival of the inexpedient.
Negeri Lencho was Federal Government Communication Affairs minister and is currently working as communication head of Oromo regional government. He shared this article on his social media.

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