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Medical error victim boy returned to Ethiopia

Finally medical error victim boy is in Ethiopia. Ethiopian activist did an extraordinary job to bring the matter to the attention decision makers and Ethiopia’s new reformer prime minister acted as a leader on the matter.

(Video credit : EBC)

June 8,2018

Ethiopian boy who became a victim of medical error in Saudi Arabia is returned to Ethiopia, reported state media Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority.

Mohammed Abdulaziz was born to Ethiopian family in Saudi Arabia. At the age of 4, Halima Abdulaziz, his mother, took his took him to Dr.Sulaman Fakih hospital, in Jeddah, to remove a skin tag from inside his nostril and the medical procedure was meant to be a very minor one. As it turned out, due to a medical error by the hospital he never woke up and remained in a coma for more than twelve years.

Halima sued the hospital as she care for her son and after a long battle a court in Saudi ruled that the hospital pay the medical victim boy SR 2.4 million (Saudi money) in restitution which the hospital did not honor.

The Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia did give Halima the attention she deserves nor the embassy did try to bring the matter to the attention of Saudi authorities.

Then Nebiyu Sirak,an Ethiopian activists based in Saudi Arabia, stepped in to help out and organized an online campaign seeking justice to Mohamed, he calls him blatenaw. His campaign became a success in that it got the attention of Abiy Ahmed’s administration.

When the new prime minister visited Saudi Arabia last month, he raised the matter to the Saudi prince who ordered the authorities to pay the victim boy SR 3 million( adding SR 600,000). Abiy made changes to the Ethiopian Embassy in Saudi Arabia soon after his return to Ethiopia ; Ethiopian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia was removed.

Abiy Ahmed personally went to the Saudi hospital to comfort Halima. He promised her to return the boy to Ethiopia.

And it happened.

Amir Aman, Minister Health for the Federal Government of Ethiopia, tweeted :

The boy is to receive care at St.Paul Hospital intensive care unit in the capital Addis Ababa. The arrival of the boy in Ethiopia elated those who were campaigning to demand justice when the authorities did not give it attention.

Nebiyu Sirak, who was relentlessly organizing campaigns, wrote in his social media page that he was in tears out of joy that the goal to get justice done to Mohammed was done.

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