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Prime minister Abiy Ahmed talks about economic sabotage within his administration

June 6,2018

In a speech at anti-corruption coalition event in the capital Addis Ababa, Ethiopian prime minister says his administration is challenged by economic sabotage and it is happening after he took the office of the prime minister. And he called on the public to fight it. However, he did not name names or the names of the department other than pointing out that form of sabotage and corruption is an organized one.

The prime minister also talked about policy initiative along the line of privatization and normalization of relations with Eritrea which he described as progressive ones. As opposed to the conventional description of the state of relations between the two countries, Abiy discarded the notion of “no peace-no war” and described it rather as state of war with no causality.

The video below,from state affiliated media, is in Amharic.

It was yesterday that the Executive Committee of the ruling coalition in Ethiopia announced major privatization plan in the key service and manufacturing sectors of the economy as a response to chronic shortage of foreign currency and high debt levels.

Analysts, however, tend to see the privatization plan with skepticism. They think that it could legitimize TPLF’s move to dominate the Ethiopian economy and that, they, goes the argument will perpetuate political slavery in the country.

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